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Nashville is just as fun during the day as it is at night. We have access to day time activities that will kick start the party from dusk 'til dawn. From champagne brunches to party bikes, to festivals and events, your Bachelorette Party will be non-stop fun.

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  • Luxury Transportation
  • Spa and Salon Day
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Not Just ANOTHER  Nashville Bachelorette Party

  • Boat Parties
  • Music Events

Be queens, divas, or whatever else you care to be, and let us make sure that Nashville it. We can arrange luxury transportation to and from the hotel, house, or anywhere else in the city with bottle service. As for bars...your host will escort your party right in. 

  • Party Bikes
  • Champagne Brunches
  • Dinner Reservations
  • Hosted Entry Pub Crawls
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What's a Bachelorette Party without a theme? We can help pick out a theme, arrange t-shirts (even help with design), novelties, outfits and more to ensure everyone in Nashville remembers you. Don't be just "another Bachelorette Party."

  • Lodging Assistance
  • ...and so much more!

Nashville is one of the top destinations in the country for bachelorette parties. On any given weekend, it's not uncommon to see over 30 bachelorette parties roaming the streets of Broadway, Demonbreum and 2nd Ave. Unfortunately, we've seen it too many times where the party planner says, "Ah, we'll just wing it. We're a group of hot girls in Nashville! They'll love us..." Only to see their party wait an hour (or more) for dinner reservations at a trendy, chic restaurant. Or wait in lines half of the night just to get into bars. Or...the worst, walking back to the hotel room with your heels in your hand because you have no ride. Don't be that party. NashVegas VIP makes bachelorette party planning simple by lining up the perfect weekend for your group, and our hosts will ensure that you have a one of a kind, unique bachelorette party that you will never forget.

Pamper yourself ladies. Let us arrange a day at the spa before you scorch the town. Or perhaps you need a relax and recovery day. We can line up appointments for your hair, nails, and massages with bottle service waiting for you - all part of a truly VIP Bachelorette Party experience.